Name: Kelsey Quinn

Level 4AA Hair Artist 

Social: Instagram: @kelsey.artsouth , #kelseyhairart  Facebook: Hair By Kelsey Marie


Being raised Redken, I’m a big fan of “The Why”. When you know  “The Why”, you can easily determine “The How”. There are many ways to create, but you must first have a strong foundation to create upon. This is why I love to teach.

 My passion is color. I love to create, but i also love to “fix”. I always look at a head of hair with an editor’s eye. Many factors play a part in enhancing someone’s look, and it is important for me to take the time during the consultation to make note of them, in order to find the best plan of action.

It is my belief that healthy hair sets the stage for any style/desired color.

It is important to recognize the steps necessary to achieve and maintain beautiful hair color..

You are investing time and money in achieving the perfect hair color, so talk to your stylist about how to care for your investment in between appointments.



Redken Certified Haircolorist

Redken Certified Design & Finish Stylist

Blonde Authority

Extensions Specialist